Friday, July 21, 2006


Look at me I'm crawling now! I love to play with my Dad. He sings me silly songs and even if he's tired, if I laugh he will do it again. My mom and I are best buds... we spend every day together. She told me today that when she was little she had so much fun playing with Uncle Josh and Uncle Justin that she thinks God thought I needed someone to play with too... so she and dad are going to have a brother or a sister for me soon. I said but mom I'm only eight months old and she just said that's right, imagine how close the two of you will be and after that I think I heard her mutter something under her breath about God's sense of humor as He teaches her that He is in control.

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  1. it was great to see pics of the whole family. it looks like damien and christopher have been having some fun in the sun. sounds like you've had the strength to move forward this week. i love you so much...i also like those little cheeks of julian :) call when you can-