Wednesday, November 07, 2007

blue skies smiling at you

I am not making any serious promises but I am going to try and update this a little more often like at least once per month. These little guys are changing so quickly right before my eyes...they become more spectacular with each passing day. The month of October was thoroughly enjoyed as we had so many days of playing outside, watching the birds, eating leaves, etc. Julian is now in his own bed and each night I crawl in there with him to snuggle him for a few minutes before I get into my own bed. Cooper is our little cliff hanger he pulls up on everything and sometimes he can't get back down so he is constantly screaming out like he's about to fall 12 stories..then laughs when you get him. Damien and I are both enjoying the small group meetings at church..we have met some very interesting and inspiring people. He is really enjoying mountain biking and getting into the woods. We have both taken a class and are learning about foreign currency exchange which is very interesting...both the people involved and the process. We just celebrated four years as husband and wife though now it is impossible to think we ever had a life without each other.We look forward to the holidays and are blessed to have so much to be thankful for.

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