Tuesday, September 02, 2008


This is for my cousin Cam who asked me quite sometime ago to post my recent projects. The first is a table I amde the week I turned 30 to represent the past three decades... the first is a little girl swinging pictured here.

This is the first mosaic I made with a beach theme using some of the shells Damien and I collected on our honeymoon.
And this is my first attempt at decoupage over a mirror I painted.


  1. you are a hidden treasure of creativity!!! between your art work and writings damien could retire. what are you holding out for, give the man a break won't you? this stuff is beautiful...looking forward to your help in bringing some creative beauty to my home when you visit in a few weeks!Yea:)

  2. Wow Jess! I can't wait to come see these things and talk to you about how you did the table!!...maybe we'll stop on the way to Henry!!...Catherine

  3. These are soooo beautiful!