Thursday, September 11, 2008


I can't help but post this from a fellow blogger because she totally relates to food the way I do at times and she is just funny!
Has anyone ever been to a Red Robin?
Yesterday was my first time and let me just say... I think I'm in love.
First of all... they had televisions everywhere playing football. Heaven.
Secondly... the burgers are the size of Rhode Island (I mean, it was as if I was holding Rhode Island with all of it's Rhode Islanders in my hands preparing to eat them all). People have told me in the past that I have a big mouth, but I think I may have sprained my jaw opening my mouth so big to eat the darn thing. I didn't even have one of the specialty burgers-like the one with the kitchen sink on top. I am a center line type of eater... I don't stray to far away from normal. Cheeseburger-yes, Cheeseburger with goat cheese, onion rings, confetti and frog legs-no.
Lastly... their fries come in a "bottomless basket." When the waiter told me that, I could have swore I heard my hips get wider and my butt add a few cellulite dents to it. These aren't your regular skinny, greasy fries either... these are steak fries, with a really yummy seasoning salt on top that cries out for you to throw your manners aside and suck on every last one of your fingers after each bite just to get every bit of salt that you can. Who cares about water gain... these are BOTTOMLESS FRIES!
After leaving I told the kids how much I loved of this place. I praised it as if Jesus himself were our waiter... and they give you a balloon when you leave!
Then I told them that we are NEVER coming back!
How Red Robin expects me to stay my normal 10lbs overweight is beyond me. If I made Red Robin a regular in our eating circle, I would be 50lbs. overweight by Christmas. The bottomless fries alone would cause me to have to ride around in a motorized cart at Target.


  1. where can I find one of these...C

  2. girl, i am drooling! i don't know of one around here, but surely atlanta has something as fabulous as that!you could be a dang food critic. i thought, "is this jess writing or damien? jess eats healthy, she is my inspiration."
    honestly, i didn't know there was such a thing as sweet potatoe (orange) french fries until you introducted them to me. LOL! hug! jenn