Monday, September 15, 2008

Touch a Truck

I had a feeling the boys would like this free event in Chattanooga where you go and get in a bunch of trucks but I had really never thought of how many different types of trucks there are... Fed Ex, UPS, Mail, Dairy, Ambulance, Fire trucks, Rescue, moving, street sweepers, transfer, ice cream, haulers, etc just to name a few. It was really funny to watch Julian looking around like he thought he was in heaven... he just stood there for a minute trying to decide which one he wanted to drive... then getting in them all like he owned them!

1 comment:

  1. i took lucy to the touch a truck in kennesaw a while back and it was fun for us girls too, but the constant loud beeping horns and sirens of all the trucks put us both in a nervous state! lol! julian looks like he was meant to drive a truck, what a little man he is! cooper seems more laid back, he may want a sports car! smiles and love, jenn