Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Boston and Vermont

Ths most unusal thing about this post will be that there aren't any pictures of children. Damien and I had the most amazing blessing of being able to leave our little darlings for a week and enjoy each other without any distractions... though we missed them terribly, it was mostly blissful.

This is Boston's Public Library, the first in America, and it is AMAZING. I don't think I would actually read anything in there because I wouldn't be able to stop looking around.

My dearest friend and most incredible hostess at one of her favorite spots in the park.
A haunting and deeply moving memorial for the Holocaust victims.

Damien and his "you get what you pay for" lobster haha.

One of the most photographed streets in Boston.

Vermont... yes, there's plenty of cheese and syrup but oh this state and its beauty sang some of my favorite songs.

Some precious sisters from Brooklyn we met at the monastary we visited... where the peace was palpable.

Here we are with our ultimate tour guides at the incredible public gardens.
How cool is this...perfect little postcards that I saw with my own eyes.

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  1. if only it wasn't all just a memory now...miss you like crazy!