Tuesday, October 28, 2008


There are only a few in a lifetime (if you are lucky) with whom you laugh until you cry, you toot in front of, and no secrets are allowed because with these women you are vulnerable, hiding nothing, trusting them to handle with care who you really are ... knowing that they have journeyed with you for over twenty years and in a variety of ways have played a significant role in the story.
Who knows the name of your second grade teacher?
or that dork of a boy that always had his pants unzipped in the sixth grade?
or the fact that your parents drove a car that looked like a spaceship?
Who used to help you chase boys and hold them down on the playground then take turns kissing their cheeks?
Who knows who your first kiss was and even had the same one!!??
Who was at your wedding and has held your children????
Only a few, if you're lucky.

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