Saturday, November 29, 2008

A Thankful heart

Initially, I think of what I am really thankful for and all of the usual suspects come to mind: health, family, friends but I decided to dig a little deeper and here is a list that just begins to scratch the surface of the gratefulness that overwhelms me...

~ A loving God who chooses to use suffering to save, to teach, to heal
~Watching my children laugh and play together
~ My husband at any random moment tenderly placing his hands on me
~ A story shared from the heart between anyone
~ Knowing you are where you are meant to be
~Connecting with a stranger, if only through an understanding glance
~ Listening to music that moves you to tears and hearing the words for the very first time
~ Having the energy to invest in what matters and the courage to rid yourself of what doesn't
~ Being able to let go of what little understanding I thought I had about life in order to embrace truth and not just ideas passed down from one generation to the next
~ The fact that each person is an individual with specific gifts and their own unique laugh

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  1. I LOVE the picture of the boys in the rain! Coopers face is priceless!