Saturday, January 03, 2009

December highlights

He is actually from Australia though in his heart he is from some exotic fire walking African tribe.

My darling having some coffee out in the rough and though not pictured rest assured that he brought his own little bottle of creme brule.

Happy 14th Christopher!!

Battling it out on the Wii.

Who needs a horse when we've got Dallas??!!

Getting a little help from cousin Raph


  1. i was going to aske about the creamer so thanks for including such important details. just so you know, the flavor is still not offered in new england...must be a southern thing:)

  2. jess, is D addicted to creme brulee coffee creamer???? I am addicted to vanilla caramel creamer. I had to buy what was on sale this week so i got dulce de leche, a similar caramel flavor. too funny! does D read these blog comments?? i'm not making fun, but creme brulee is pretty dainty for such a manly man! smiles! jenn

  3. This was a good idea at the time and seeing no one got hurt it is an even better idea! Did i tell you how much i think i want to steal Cooper and Julian, even just for a week to give you a holiday!