Thursday, April 16, 2009

The journey

It seems that as of late what keeps coming back to me is how crucially important it is to fully embrace God in every action, every minute of everyday... that I wouldn't consider the thirty minutes in the morning I spend studying the Bible my time with God checked off the list but that I would discipline myself to practice being in the presence of God constantly that He would permeate my very being and daily transform me so that I become more like His other self...An excerpt from the book, My other self:

Be wise, My chosen one.; shabby substitutes are not for you. You are made for God. Refuse to be satisfied with anything less than your God Himself. Again I warn you that it will not be easy. To be [truly one with Christ] is not for comfort seekers, lovers of ease, quitters, those who turn pale at the first sign of opposition.
It is for generous men and women who are humble enough to admit their weakness, yet confident that I will make them strong. The confidence gives steel to their spirits. But while it’s not easy to be [one in Christ], neither is it as hard as you might imagine. Do not be afraid. Surrender your whole being to Me. Put yourself totally in My hands. Once you take this first step, and truly this step is the most difficult, all that remains is serenely and peacefully to let Me shape you according to My plan. Soon in your work, your reading, your play, even your conversation and your meals, you will find your thoughts turning to Me.
On all sides you will soon discover a thousand reminders of the presence of your God. The sun, the moon, the stars; a tree, a bush, a rose, a lawn; a lake, a river; a pebble, a grain of sand; a robin, a dog, a fish; a book, a song; a clear day, a rainy day; whatever it is will whisper to you of its Maker.

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