Tuesday, August 04, 2009

The Beach

Watching the storm come in...

What is better than a nice cup of coffee while watching the day come alive??

Brotherly love.. Coop insisted on wearing Julian's "monkey" shorts which is why they are falling down!

Nothing but fun with our big bro Chris
My two little angels!!
Our Daddy is our hero...
Seriously...can anyone question why I constantly want to reproduce with this man??!! By the way number three is on the way which is my only excuse for not blogging the past three months!
This perfectly depicts my little Coop... laid back and just plain cool.


  1. 3 month prego and sporting the 2 piece swim suit like a P90X pro...you make me sick but glad not all women are doomed to cellulite!

  2. i love your pictures! thank you for putting new ones up :) i agree with courtney, you look so good, i'm not sure that it is fair. i can't believe how big the boys are getting! i can't wait to smooch their little cheeks!

  3. yeah. loved the prayer of st. francis but i had been meditating on it for the past THREE MONTHS every DAY that i went to the blog your blog so VERRRRYYYYY glad to see your beautiful faces instead of the old hand:)