Tuesday, July 13, 2010


So, I've asked around and I realize that we are a slightlly dysfunctional family where sleep is concerned. We all sleep in the same room for one thing which is somewhat ridiculous but we love it so we continue on with it. I am beginning to think it may be a neccessity of sorts considering our night last night, a normal... slightly typical night... Kids are all in our room sleeping, we get into bed around 11 and I read with my book light until twelve because even though I am a sleep deprived mom this is my one escape and I will make myself stay awake to read until my eyes are burning in such a way that I simply have to give in... 1:30 Adelaide wakes up and wants to eat, 1:45 Cooper wants some apple juice, 2:30 Damien wakes up screaming out that the fan is only hanging by a thread and it is going to fall on us if we don't get it.. I tell him he is crazy and to go back to sleep but he says no he must fix it and so I tell him to be careful and I roll over...3:30 Cooper gets up to go to the bathroom with light on of course...4:00 Julian falls out of bed and lands on his head despite the toddler rail that is firmly in place....4:30 I hear footsteps I look over and Cooper is pacing between our beds with a sheet over his head like a memeber of the klan (sleep walking) Damien asks me what Cooper is doing and I say I'm not sure but I can't deal with it because I just picked Julian up out of the floor... so he unveils Coop and puts him back to bed....5:30 Adelaide has poo diaper and wants to eat again... finally 7:45 a little r and r is coming my way and my new cell phone alarm goes off singing, "Good morning, it's a beautiful day!" (Not sure what mood I was in to pick that but I can tell you it sure wasn't in the a.m. when I picked it!!)........ I trudge in the kitchen to get some coffee and I think, "Did that really just happen to me??!!" So when you mention the earthquake victims and the oil seeping into the ocean... how about a shout out for the Kenworthy sleep crisis.

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  1. O Jessica, how can you possibly function during the day? Based on only this one scenario , I havesuggestions. Only water to drink at night. And put it in a sippy cup and tell them if they are thirsty, just drink but don't tell you about it. Ditto on the potty thing. In fact, I'd put the boys near the potty and me away from it so that they wouldn't pass me on the way. And, if they fall on the floor and don't wake up, leave them there..it's where they sleep in China:) or how about , can the beds and just put matresses on the floor?