Thursday, September 02, 2010

Fat housewives

I seriously might have even said, "What is up with these women that just have these kids and then let themselves go.. I mean are they just like, 'I got my man.. who cares?' I mean they are at the house all day long.. you would think they could squeeze some kind of workout in"
Pregnant with Baby#1
Six months along complete Nashville half marathon.. I got this in the bag.. plenty of time to work out during the whole pregnancy because hey it is just me right??!!
Pregnant with Baby #2
I haven't slept in 7 months when I find out Cooper is on the way and let's just say my neighbor thought someone had died... I rebound from the shock and take Julian out in the jogging stoller on occasion.. manage to squeak out another half marathon.
Pregnant with #3
Seriously.. whose counting anymore... exercise... smexercise.. you must be joking. May be when I'm like 50 I will start running again!

The point of course is this is a shout out and an apology of sorts for my complete and total ignorance and preconceived ideas about stay at home moms... because seriously some days I need that Nutella and peanut butter to get me through the day... it's not that I am a total pig but that there are now so many needs to put before my own that sometimes it really is impossible... experience has a way of shifting perspectives.

New Wardrobe
As I reach for the fifth pair of jeans I am attempting to squeeze into
fastening is considered a success
The long lost bodyis nowhere to be found
It's replacement isn't quite as chiseled and certainly more spread out
but does things the other one only dreamt about
This body sustains life, nourishing a precious little soul
Survives on the lesser side of sleep and comes back for more
Oh how little appearances really matter
life is so much more than what's in the mirror
Toss goes the skinny pair of jeans

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  1. apology accepted...took awhile because internet explorer wouldn't let me comehere so I had to download a more modern searcher.....still don't see pictures, so even though this is longer, it doesn't count