Monday, May 12, 2008

Mother's Day

As a mom I am constantly given gifts by my children unaware-
each laugh, crinkle of their nose, chase around the house,
and the utmost peace that resides within me while they sleep.
Though it may be a verbally thankless job, there are so many
actions that whisper to me, I have chosen you to see these miracles,
to be apart of this flowering life as a nurturer, planting and pruning
As the one who is present as these roses unfold
And on those days when I have forgotten who I am and feel like I
may be the least interesting person on this earth...
I hear a faint sound coming from the kitchen and witness my
son trying to catch a fly in his sippy cup, each time whispering "Almost"
I realize how much better my life is without the capacity to revolve around

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