Monday, August 11, 2008

Real Love

"Jesus defined real love for us when he died for us and we are to do the same for our brothers. For most of us it will not be one grand act rather, it will consist of a thousand small turnings of our will from its natural self-absorption to the self-giving ways of God. Without a vital living relationship to Jesus, none of us can sustain a life of artful caring for long. The human heart is riddled with selfishness. As the Holy Spirit brings us to new depths of wanting to give ourselves away for Jesus' sake, the battle of our sin nature rages inside us telling us to hold back, stay safe, and keep a tight grip of self-interests. We repeatedly come face to face with our utter dependence on God to transform us. We are drawn again to abide in Jesus, to learn from him, and to ask for creativity and strength to lay down our life for others, one person at at time."
-Andi Ashworth

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  1. man, I LOVE that! Thanks for sharing, it really blessed me.
    ps. Happy Birthday again! big smooch to ya!