Saturday, December 19, 2009

Happy Birthday Julian James

If I could only put into actual words how this child has changed my life since he entered the world it would include things like miraculous joy, the end of myself, contagious laughter, sparkling eyes... a whole new world. He is spunky, determined, stubborn, sneaky, smart, loving, inquisitive, snuggly (Even at four!), fearless, and the fastest little runner I've seen. When I pray for him that he will be a star that shines with the light of Christ in the Universe I really feel like with each passing day God answers that prayer because he does shine and lights up my life in a way I could never have imagined. Okay we know that it's barely covering the ground.. but we still love it!
King for the day!

The best side kick in the world doing what he does best!

My little Turkey... they had a little Thanksgiving program at his little school and seeing him up there singing "Gobble, Gobble" brought tears to my eyes... pregnancy hormones!

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  1. sweet, sweet boys! but you setter get ready because you have a sister that is about to invade:) he he