Saturday, December 19, 2009

Mexico Rendevous

So, we planned a last minute trip to Mexico for five nights together... it was utter bliss and a complete and total contrast to my normal life. The weather was 85 and fabulous each day... the views were amazing.. we kept trying to soak it in... I kept telling myself remember this in a few weeks when you are up all night and blah blah right??!! I could seriously write a whole page on the food alone... the best thing was that it was so healthy and delicious.. I haven't eaten that many fruits and veggies in quite a while... and the absolute luxury of sitting down and having someone bring it to you and then clean up was my favorite part. I thank God for my parents and dear sweet Melody who helped us to make this "babymoon" (do you still call it that when you have kids who knows) possible!!

The pool...

The view from our palapa

This is where I did yoga in the mornings and since the other people there weren't interested in getting up in the morning (like I'm a morning person ha) I had my own private sessions with Monica who was great.. she taught me many stretches and challenging postures as well as techniques to relax and be in the moment.

View from the first palapa we stayed in... mostly they are all open air which means you sleep under a net each night.. which normally isn't that big of a deal except when you are pregnant and you get up like five times a night to go to the restroom... I got into a bit of a wrestling match with the stinking net one night and did a little damage...oops.

Path into town... there weren't any roads in this little village

So, we think we are going on this remote waterfall hike in the jungle and right before we get there this little dude is taking a bath in the swimming section of the falls... haha gotta love those Mexicans... and no it wasn't me who took the picture it was Damien right when the guy looked up!

Thought number three was pretty funny... if you're drunk come on and get on but it's all on you!!

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  1. wow! so beautiful. thanks for sharing the photos. I am wondering where do you register for a "babymoon" to a foreign country? are they retroactive or do you have to be on your third child to receive one? ha! love you