Wednesday, April 20, 2011


So I have this really beautiful Bible that I want to keep on the kitchen table because I am trying to emphasize to my children that even though we eat "food"... the Word is the Bread of Life. I have been inspired by Ann Voskamp to read a little scripture and pray after each meal time. I already admit that this hasn't been happening as I thought it would but I am the first to admit that I am a work in progress. Needless to say, I decide to decoupage this Bible because it is solid white which would not last long at all around our dinner table. I get out all of my read through magazines and I start to search for words and pictures and anything and everything that inspires to put on this Living precious book. What hits me while I'm doing this is that everything the world wants is Him. All of the words advertisers use to make the big sells and to suck us in.... they are everything He is..... Uncompromising, true beauty, pure, real, genuine, 100% authentic... and the list goes on. I ask myself why do I search and search for the new house, the chocolate hiding in the cabinet, even the things I don't even need that are on SALE to fill myself up only to be found empty again hours and maybe even minutes later. I have it all already. He has already given me everything I need but I must see it and deny these teasing facades all of their power. When I open the Book I am blinded by beauty.

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