Saturday, May 14, 2011

Slipper shoes

So my darling stepson and I are on our way to Mass on Wednesday night when he walks down the stairs and I notice he is wearing his bedroom slippers. My first thought is that he must have left his shoes by the door which he walks right past as he proceeds to the vehicle. I find myself often pondering the days when I was his age and attempt to take myself back there repeatedly before I open my mouth to utter the 32 year- old thoughts that I have now. "So, I guess that is the latest thing huh to wear bedroom slippers around as your real shoes?" He so humbly and casually replies, "Well, it's just that all of my shoes don't really fit except this one bright blue pair so I just decided to wear these". You see I don't expect these things right because I was that kid who asked for a pair of shoes when the current ones were a month or so old or just didn't match my outfit because I deserved them of course. So to be around a kid who is so mild mannered and not the least bit self righteous or entitled in his own mind well I must say it is quite refreshing. Who knows if he was working me over or what but right after Mass we went directly to buy that poor soul some new soles.

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