Monday, June 13, 2011

How emptiness sings

I had the most amazing opportunity to attend a retreat in NC with Ann Voskamp, Christa Wells, and Nicole Witt. It was for women who create whatever that may be: children, baking, art, sewing, stories, photography, etc. To be in a room with 75 women who love Jesus and are so vibrant and life giving...true culture makers was pretty amazing. There were so many lessons and it is still sinking into places beyond the surface. One of the really beautiful ones though was how God chooses to use our pain and our emptiness, our times of struggle to help others if we would all stop pretending like we have it all together and share our weaknesses.... showing our brokenness to the world that will bring healing.

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  1. Beautiful words, my new friend and roomie! I had the most wonderful time this weekend getting to know you and all of the other precious ladies. Our God is such an amazing God--He continually blesses me in the big and the small. I am still processing all that I heard and what He needs me to do in obedience.

    Take care of your sweet self and your family. Forgot to ask if you have a facebook!