Monday, June 20, 2011

No words

As a former speech pathologist my expectations are a little high for my darling daughter who is 17 months and not quite speaking in sentences yet... instead she has a few approximations of words, plenty of gestures, and a few demanding sounds with a significant clarity of meaning. Most recently whenever I say "Adelaide, give love", she holds her hands out palms facing the sky. At first I thought to myself okay this in no way resembles the hug that she was meant to deliver after my request for her to give love but it did give me pause. It made me think about how I show God that I love Him. Shouldn't I as his child be holding my palms open to the sky saying to Him whatever you give I will accept with  a thankful heart and whatever you take I will respond in like. I do not long to have my hands so full of the things of this world that I miss the blessing he longs to give. That when He says, "LOVE me" I will look up to heaven with empty hands facing the sky and He will know that I do.


  1. Hey Jess! Thanks for your sweet comment on my post and I love that you visited me. It was so fun getting to know you last weekend. I am so with you that I want the blessings he longs to give without my hands so full of the things of this world. I so look forward to following you and your giftedness.

  2. And I cannot believe that I wrote in my Image of the Maker post that you were from KY???? I would blame it on the blonde hair if only it were real!!! In the words of SC runner mom....MERCY!