Tuesday, July 26, 2011


A place lacking longing
the minute I hear my boys pitter patter down the stairs in the middle of the night
when she laughs at the top of her lungs while I'm chasing her on my knees
Him smelling all good leaning in for a kiss when he gets home from work
The peace that passes all understanding embracing me filling me until I can't question His love because I am Full of it
The chocolate cake that perhaps I could have bypassed but loved every second of
My husband's coffee in the afternoon that he almost spills each day
My bath tub when all four of us pile in because I want it that way making the best memories in a pile of bubbles
My heart because I have for whatever divine reason so far lived up to my name "Blessed One"


  1. I love this Jess! What a great example for me! I actually look forward to bein a Mommy!:)

  2. I read this after I posted my own, "I am blessed" post. Who would have known that those 13 year olds who had so much in common, would still have so much in common twenty years later, though with vastly different lives.