Friday, July 08, 2011

Fun for Friday

Five of my favorite finds over the past week:

1.  As you know the reader can make or break an audiobook. This is a great version of the NT.... even my five year old wants to sit and listen...... and its totally free.

2. This looks like an amazing although expensive conference. If you just sign up like you are interested you get lots of cool music and podcasts for FREE.

3.  I so appreciate this site. It gives you a meal plan, recipes, and shopping lists for $1.25 a week. The meals are great and one of the best things is the plans are based on what is on sale that week in the store you choose to shop at!

4.  I do not consider myself a shoe girl at all unless we are talking comfort and then I'm in... but recently I have gotten into wedges because I can actually walk in them. There is something sort of weird that happens when you step it up a bit like a sexy little shoe on your foot may only give you a couple of inches... but I'm feeling ten feet tall and bulletproof.... who knew. These are my latest favs.

5.  What a glorious way to spend an hour browsing and collecting all of your favorite things. Caution: it is hard to stop.

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